The Wonder and the Mystery: 10 Years of Reflections from the Annals of Family Medicine

The Wonder and the Mystery

The Wonder and the Mystery: 10 Years of Reflections from the Annals of Family Medicine

The Wonder and the MysteryEdited by: Robin S. Gotler

Published: Mar 2013

The things we cannot measure may be the very things that will sustain us, that form the foundation of a life of service and deep fulfillment. Primary care  is not only a work of science, primary care  is a front row seat on life, a rare glimpse of the wonder and mystery present below the surface of the ordinary, invisible to the casual observer. We may all need to know a little less and wonder a little more.’

Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, in her Foreword
The Wonder and the Mystery is a remarkable gathering of voices from the front lines of primary care. Speaking honestly, arguing passionately, and singing from the heart, these voices reflect on the power of healing, the many meanings of patient care, and the search for wholeness in health, health care, and life…

The book is a unique collection of personal reflections and ideas from the Annals of Family Medicine, a primary care research journal. Each article has some connection to primary care but, as a compilation, it covers a wide range of topics, from the deeply personal to professional and policy issues. Written by clinicians, researchers and patients, the articles speak with a remarkable honesty, providing inspirational insights into health care and humanity. They shed light on the value of primary care not only as an approach to health care but also the unique and important role it plays in people’s lives.

• A unique collection of articles from the Annals of Family Medicine shedding a new light on the importance of primary care by covering a wide range of topics from personal to policy matters

• This book is inspirational and educational, making it ideal for self-development for any reader

• Offers many perspectives written by practitioners, researchers and patients ensuring the information is current and relevant to the reader.

Summary of contents:
About the editor
List of contributors

Section 1: Primary care at work

  •    Nasruddin and the coin
  •    One last question: opening Pandora’s box?
  •    A headache at the end of the day
  •    The joy of family practice
  •    Success, regret, and the struggle for balance
  •    The company we keep: why physicians should refuse to see pharmaceutical representatives
  •    Doctors’ work: eulogy for my vocation

Section 2: Patient care and caring

  •    Pounds
  •    The old duffers’ club
  •    Home care: a key to the future of family medicine?
  •    Boy scouts for henry – Lessons from my left foot

Section 3: Wounds and healing

  •    Suffering, meaning, and healing: challenges of contemporary medicine
  •    Letting the news
  •    Losing touch in the era of superbugs?
  •    The decade dance
  •    The face of cancer

Section 4: Connections

  •    A change will do you good
  •    Linking Ruth to her past
  •    On this day of mothers and sons
  •    Jazz and the ‘art’ of medicine: improvisation in the medical encounter
  •    Gazing at the future

Section 5: Knowledge

  •    General medical practitioners need to be aware of the theories on which our work depend
  •    The irreverent nature of evidence
  •    Bag of worms
  •    The impotence of being important – reflections on leadership
  •    Be gentle and be sincere about it’: a story about community-based primary care research
  •    The dark bridal canopy
  •    Making time to write?

Section 6: Who we are and where we’re going

  •    A public celebration of a personal doctor
  •    Health care becomes an industry
  •    The dream of home ownership
  •    The myth of the lone physician: towards a collaborative alternative
  •    Dinosaurs, hospital ecosystems, and the future of family

Section 7: Medicine, society, the world

  •    The island
  •    Si, Doctora • Stuck in the mud
  •    Indication
  •    The break-even point: when medical advances are less important than improving the fidelity with which they are delivered
  •    Ecological change and the future of the human species: can physicians make a difference?
  •    A journey to someplace better

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