Liane Hansen’s Last Broadcast<br>with Dr. David Loxterkamp<br>(NPR – May 2011)


Liane Hansen’s Last Broadcast
with Dr. David Loxterkamp
(NPR – May 2011)


Recorded in May 2011 (studio of WMEH in Bangor) |

In 1997, American journalist and senior host of the NPR newsmagazine Weekend Edition, Liane Hansen spoke with David Loxterkamp, author of A Measure of Days: The Journal of a Country Doctor.

In Liane Hansen’s last broadcast, she follows up with the Maine physician, who says he constantly ponders questions of life, death and faith. Dr. Loxterkamp who in culling from his years of experience tending to the people of Belfast, Maine, offered insightful reflections on America’s healthcare.  His list of “Hippocratic aphorisms” offers important messages on the relationship between medicine, hope, and human nature.

Listen to NPR’s Podcast:

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and an additional follow up:

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 Source: Weekend Edition from NPR News, with Liane Hansen

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