What Makes A Good Doctor?<br>(Life Magazine Article)

What Makes A Good Doctor?
(Life Magazine Article)


The cover of the June, 1998, issue of LIFE Magazine showed the picture of a doctor delivering a baby. The title asked, “What makes a good doctor?” Inside, LIFE answered that question by looking at one rural family practice in Maine. But Journalist Claudia Dowling and photographer Lynn Johnson were also looking back a full half-century to another photoessay entitled “Country Doctor” by the master photojournalist, W. Eugene Smith.

The practice and the town they chose was mine: Seaport Family Practice in Belfast, ME. I’d like to show you the photographs again, in my own words, and with my own answers.

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  • Lazell Giggie

    June 18, 2013 at 11:15 am Reply

    The baby in that photo is me (:

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