Dr. Loxterkamp recently joined the faculty of Northern Light Family Medicine & Residency, Bangor, ME in 2018. He leads their Recovery program, with special interest in group MAT. He is also co-director of the new Maine Arts & Humanities in Medicine Fellowship, scheduled to launch in July, 2020. Prior to this, Dr. Loxterkamp was medical director for Seaport Family Practice/Seaport Community Health Center for 34 years, where he hosted medical students and residents on rural rotation.



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Dr. Loxterkamp has published over sixty personal essays since he began writing in 1989. His work appeared in the Annals of Family Medicine, The British Medical Journal, JAMA, the New England Journal of Medicine, Commonweal, and America, among others. He has also authored two books, A Measure of My Days (1997) and What Matters in Medicine (2013) and contributed to five anthologies. As a rural physician, Dr. Loxterkamp relied on his writing to connect with colleagues and learners in family medicine. During this time he met the author John Berger, film producer David Gruben, co-founder of Motivational Interviewing, Stephen Rollick, LIFE Magazine writer Claudia Dowling & photographer Lynn Johson, and President of the Royal College of General Practitioners, John Horder. He counted as his mentor and friend the late Gayle Stephens, one of the early leaders in American family medicine.




2019 EVENTS:

> Keynote Speaker: RTT Collaborative Annual Meeting, Auburn, ME. “What is Rural Medicine”

15 May 2019

> Keynote Speaker: Ian McWhinney Lectureship, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University.

17-19 September 2019  London, Ontario

> Presenter: “Arts in Practice.” The Maine Arts & Humanities in Medicine Fall Workshop. 26 October 2019. Hutchinson Center, Belfast, ME

> Keynote Speaker: “(How) Can Rural Health Survive. Rural Health Association Annual Meeting. 6 November 2019. Sunday River, ME